Mayday Parade – Lyrics Nirvana

Everyone who knows me somehow know that I’m not really a fan of rock music or bands. Lately I have been pretty bored with my playlists so I asked for help. I was introduced to a band called Mayday Parade. From the first song I heard (Terrible Things), I was hooked.

This band has awesome lyrics and they’re special. Nothing like the dance songs of these days that has no meaning.

So I’ll sing a melody
And hope to God she’s listening
Sleeping softly while I sing
And I’ll be your memories
Your lullaby for all the times
Hoping that my voice could get it right

They have released three studio albums and two EPs. A Lesson in Romantics (2007), Anywhere But Here (2009) and Mayday Parade (2011) were the albums. Tales Told by Dead Friends (2006) and Valdosta (2011) are the EPs. Valdosta The songs have long titles also which is unusual for example ‘If You Can’t Live Without Me, Why Aren’t You Dead Yet?‘ (one of my favs) and ‘Without the Bitter the Sweet Isn’t as Sweet‘.

I don’t have all the albums yet, but I will get them. My favorite songs are ‘I swear, This time I Mean It‘, ‘Miserable At Best’ and ‘Terrible Things’.


Kandi – Soulful & Beautiful

Kandi has a great voice and I’m so in love with her music right now. Her newest album (2010) Kandi Koated is great and I love songs: Haven’t Loved Right, Leave U, How Could You… Feel My Pain and Leroy Jones. Specially Leroy Jones’ lyrics are very touching…

I read on wikipedia that she has a child as well. She deserves more attention and more listeners because her voice is amazing. Kandi is a very beautiful woman.

Cause I’m not alone (not alone)
and if im the woman you really and truly want (truly want),
then you gotta love my child like you love your own.
Is there enough love inside you, can you handle (handle)?
To love em’ like you love your own (love em’ like you love your own)..
Just like Leroy Jones.

The Role Of Music In My Life

It connects. It’s a global phenomenon. It’s music. There is music in every culture, in every nation and it’s a part of people’s daily lives. Throughout history it has been something which has brought joy to people in hard times.

That is what it means to me. Music is a cure for when I’m down, and a joy for my happiest days. It’s part of my life and can express my feelings when my own words are not enough. There’s a song to every feeling I feel and I’ve yet to find them all.

I listen to versatile music but sometimes, I have seasons when I listen to just one particular band or artist. I love Rhythm and Blues, Rap and Pop. My all time favorite is Akon, because I love his voice and his beat cheers me up. When it comes to lyrics, I think for example Sheryl Crow, as she has some touching and down-to-earth songs.

One important thing about music is that it connects people. I have found awesome friends thanks to music. I joined a music website where I found many great friends. There we can share our thoughts about music and life.

Music helps me to relax. Certain songs bring memories which either make me cry or happy. Music inspires me and it can sometimes describe my feelings better than I could ever do with words. I love music. This last part was written while I was listening to ‘It’s Not Over’ by Daughtry.

Written by HmusicK


Hello! I have been super busy and haven’t had time to attend any interviews or music stuff. Now I am just posting out some great music videos I love.



Meet The New Millenium Man!

A rapper with versatile music taste and open mind is ready to show the world what he has got. Who is THE NEW MILLENIUM MAN? Meet RoQy TyRaiD.

When I mailed my questions to RoQy TyRaiD, an artist introduced by William from DmentGroup, I had only a reference and a song. Well the reference got me interested in this young man with ambitious goals but still very down to earth. I asked him questions about everything from his music to the world’s peace.

Jacob Raiford is a 24-year-old rapper born in San Diego, California but now living in Phoenix, Arizona. He is better known by his artist name RoQy TyRaiD. His stage name has not always been the same though. His name was originally J RoQ which was his nickname given when he was a kid. As he grew up he wanted to move on and felt the name did not represent him anymore. Besides there were many artists with similar name. So after a show he was chilling with his dude and he suggested “Tirade” because that was actually what RoQy was doing a lot. So he agreed to stick with RoQy in the front and added TyRaiD to the end.

Music has always been part of RoQy’s life specially during the high school. He started to rap with his fellows and to keep it real they took it very serious. They used to compete with other kids from across the valley and meet them at the mall and parties. Later on he decided to try his hands on with recording and it stuck with him. After with only two months of recording his men Filthy Rich and J Dub took him out to DJ Khalil’s studio on LA. They loved his music and that was when RoQy TyRaiD found out his purpose.

RoQy TyRaiD finds his inspiration to make music from people gravitating towards real and his overall love of music. He describes that his relation with music is almost like a relationship. He expresses his feelings trough music and his inspirations change from time to time. One of the new things what inspires him is the love that he receives from other hip-hop people. He doesn’t have to try to be “accepted” and he comes as he is. Most of the part he is welcome to contribute the culture and it is a beautiful thing he thinks.

He describes his kind of music like this: “Realirap, everyday stuff. Dope beats and rhymes explaining the unexplainable. My own form of consciousness. For the open mind is truely conscious.”

This rapper has a surprising music taste. He listens a lot of music outside of his genre. He has found an appreciation to Jazz. He also loves various forms of rock and even classical music (he was forced to listen to it as a kid but he actually glad about it nowadays). He mentions his favorite bands/artists as Rage Against The Machine, Coldplay, The Prodigy, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, Isaac Hayes and Curtis Mayfield.

He does not have a particular role model and says we all learn from one another and does not believe in “best” artist because he or she would have to be completely flawless which is an impossibility.

The New Millenium Man

Now to the music. RoQy TyRaiD has dropped out singles called I Quit and Woosah. But his mixtape THE NEW MILLENIUM MAN WAS RELEASED YESTERDAY! He talks about is as a return of the mixtape. Lately people have not been abiding rules of mixtape and his purpose is to go completely overboard. He does not do covers or want match to the original song. He wants to lead as an example. Only exceptions are Woosah by Dn3, I Quit by Rie$go and Podium by The Baron Boys. As to “Put out some completely groundbreaking joints over many joints that have inspired me.”

To quote him:

You see. I have gone through my transformation from J RoQ to something unforseen even in my own eyes. RoQ’y TyRaiD. I was already a threat to these wack sheep before but I’d like to show them just how useless they are in this New Era we are approaching. Dope Beats & Rhymes are coming back!  Real Hip-Hop Heads stand up!”

Get The New Millenium Man here!

"The New Millennium Man is an artistic test of strength."

I think RoQy TyRaiD brings an important theme out when he talks about the downside of music industry. He is tired of the commercial dominance. There should be an equal balance between the real hip hop and the “pop”. Not in numbers but in vibe. He hopes that people would start to appreciate music again. He says that his generation is one of the last youth who cared about the beat and rhyme.

He sees his home girls whining about the garbage out there while their little sisters are bumping the latest favor of the week. “We have to save our culture, as cliche as it sounds. And that doesn’t mean sitting around and talking about it. It’s putting forth goodness.. that dope!” he sums up.

RoQy talks about his supporters and fans with soft words and tells they’re very dear to him. He has had all kind of advises and they have helped him a lot. And he tells that his feedback has been very positive and that they understand his purpose… gates are open for him.

When Mister RoQy TyRaiD is not making music he chills, goes to gym, watches movies and reads books. Currently he is reading The Book Of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi. His favorite sport is American football and second is basketball. He likes action movies, documentaries and comedies and he names Children Of Men, Batman Begins, Dark Night and Matrix Trilogy to his favorite movies.

Do you have a girlfriend?

Hahaha naaaa.   Takes a lot to intrigue me enough to place that title on someone.  There was a little something but.. ya know how that works!  I’m open.”

What would you call a great day?

Hmm…  being productive with music..  nice overcast.. and chilling with the girl and making her smile.  Yeah. That.”

What is your favorite quote?

If ignorance is bliss, then wipe the smile off my face! ” – Rage Against The Machine

Do you think music can heal?

ABSOLUTELY! Music is therapeutic!”

Do you think that music can help make world peace? How?

I think it can contribute to it.  We live based off rhythm.  Your own heart has a beat. Everything is to a specific tone or rhythm so it can be used as a tool to sync minds. Just as it is, today to destroy. So yes in a sense.  We just have to accept the message and of course, it has to be the right song. With the right message. At the RIGHT time. The key to creating a classic. Generation-crossing, culturally-spanning song that is the soundtrack to a movement.”

What is the coolest thing about you people hardly notice?

Sense of humor.  I think certain people perceive me as being this pissed off guy most of the time, because I’m passionate with my opinions.  So it kinda backfires and certain people don’t notice my humor… which can be a little dry at times, I won’t lie.. haha!”

Describe YOUR MUSIC with three words: Refreshing. Aware. Passionate.
Describe YOURSELF with three words: Enigma. Passionate. Different.

The Future

RoQy TyRaiD’s future plan is to be successful in all of his adventures. His biggest dream is to be a successful artist/rapper and entertainer. His goal is to be happy and he believes that life is a harmony. He dreams about his personal life and wants to be productive.

In ten years he sees himself established and stable in the industry making a positive impact and owning a lucrative business. He also wants to be even more in touch with people.

Thanks for the interview RoQy TyRaiD! It has been a pleasure to meet you and now the last words by him:

“Peace to everyone supporting! We haven’t even begun!  Be sure to check out and support my new of course the site: and I am accessible.   I am available for international booking so lets make something happen!  Stick by those sites for details.. and .. lets keep it Hip-Hop!”

RoQy TyRaiD

Iyaz – So Big

Iyaz – He stole my heart

This is one of my favorite songs from the album and I love it so much. I also really like the video. Iyaz is just amazing new R&B singer and I enjoye his voice and rhythms. I love to dance to these beats. SO BIG.

eLDee – One Day

ELDEE – Loving Naija rap

I am so into Nigeria and Naija music. I just love this video and song. E go better. I also love Pidgin. And the video tells about Nigeria well. Good People… Great Nation. Great Potential.