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Ne-Yo – 24 In 7

Ne-Yo – 24 In 7

Interesting stuff. Following Ne-Yo one day is very cool and also get to know his opinions more. Seems very busy life though.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Keri Hilson – Change Me feat. Akon

Keri Hilson – I’m Starting to love her more and more

Change Me feat. Akon. No doubt I just love that song. I have Keri’s songs and I love them all. Will definitely check this woman out. Awesome stuff. She looks great on the video. And Akon. It’s Akon, baby! Wow. I just love Akon in everything. Keri is great.

Evan Roberts – Golden

Evan Roberts – This man surprised me

I just love this guy. The song and video is just awesome. Haven’t heard anything about this dude before but this definitely made me a fan. Wish that this dude would get more attention because I really want to hear more stuff from him.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Omarion – Speedin’

Omarion – Came back strong

Yup, It’s Omarion. I haven’t listened him much but I really love the song Ice Box. This song is from his new album Ollusion 2010. I love the beat, lyrics and the vocal. I’m starting to love this dude… maybe I’ll someday listen him more. Great R&B. He has been quiet for a while (well been with Bow Wow though). So awesome comeback and welcome back, Omarion!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Akon – Right Now (Na Na Na)

Akon – The Ultimate R&B

This song is one of the best R&B songs ever made. Really love this song. I wanna make up right na na na!

Simon Webbe – No Worries

Simon Webbe – Soul, pop, r&b


(I just know your life’s gonna change)
Maybe not today, maybe not today
Some day soon you’ll be all right
(I just know your life’s gonna change)
Don’t turn the other way, turn the other way
Feels like luck is on your side
(Just wanna live)
No worries, no worries
(Don’t wanna die)
No worries, no worries
(Fight through the lows)
Say it for me, say it for me,
(And take all the highs)
We all need somebody
(Yeah we can sink)
No worries, no worries
(Or can you swim)
No worries, no worries
(Or walk on out)
Say it for me, say it for me,
(Or jump right in)
We all need somebody

Love this song. He has an unique voice. I love the female vocal in this song. And the lyrics are great. You can’t really say the exact music genre for his music. Soul and R&B are related to each others but I still think they’re separated but can become as one.

Ne-Yo – Miss Independent

Ne-Yo and the portrait of a woman

This song is a portrait of an independent woman. And I really love this song. It’s an honor to woman. I wish to be Miss independent. And I am.