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Kandi – Soulful & Beautiful

Kandi has a great voice and I’m so in love with her music right now. Her newest album (2010) Kandi Koated is great and I love songs: Haven’t Loved Right, Leave U, How Could You… Feel My Pain and Leroy Jones. Specially Leroy Jones’ lyrics are very touching…

I read on wikipedia that she has a child as well. She deserves more attention and more listeners because her voice is amazing. Kandi is a very beautiful woman.

Cause I’m not alone (not alone)
and if im the woman you really and truly want (truly want),
then you gotta love my child like you love your own.
Is there enough love inside you, can you handle (handle)?
To love em’ like you love your own (love em’ like you love your own)..
Just like Leroy Jones.